St. Nick’s Mission:

IN THE SPIRIT OF ONE MAN, A TRADITION OF GENEROSITY IS REBORN!  The goal of this year’s “St. Nick’s Holiday Mission” is to help disadvantaged and underprivileged children across the country, while passing on the tradition of old St. Nick’s legendary generosity to the youth of today.

For those youngsters who realize there are less-fortunate children out there and who also understand the concept of paying it forward, St. Nick has promised a surprise event for which kids and their families can share in the magic of generosity on December 6!

In turn, St. Nick hopes his mission will ultimately inspire more-fortunate kids to think less about what they’ll receive this holiday season and learn more about the joy of giving and the power of generosity.  If you and your family would like to be part of the magicby joining his team of Holiday Mission Helpers, CLICK HERE!

Read below to learn about the sponsor-partners and volunteer organizations that have joined St. Nick’s team of Holiday Mission Helpers…


NOM ENTERTAINMENT GROUP LLC is a transmedia company with the mission of developing, producing and marketing inspirational family entertainment that encompasses books, music, animation and two upcoming live‐action film epics — chronicling the life, lore and legacy of the the original St. Nick, the historical St. Nicholas of Myra.  Their goal is to create positive entertainment that embodies the true spirit of St. Nick, while utilizing his story to help establish charitable platforms for children’s causes around the world.


As an Official Sponsor-Partner, NOM Entertainment Group is coordinating “St. Nick’s Holiday Mission” and will produce a wide range of media content to promote the event.


VICTORY SPORTS GLOBAL OUTREACH INC. is a non-profit corporation with a mission to help under-resourced children, schools, teams and leagues obtain the equipment they need to participate and compete in organized individual and team sports in their communities.


Many kids won’t even tryout for sports activities, because their families can’t afford the necessary equipment.  Studies have shown that children who participate in sports have increased school attendance rates, achieve better grades and higher test scores, as well as receive the necessary guidance to make healthier life choices, to stay physically active and the encouragement to keep off the streets.  They also learn the power of selflessness, teamwork and discipline that will benefit them the rest of their lives.  VSGO collects and warehouses equipment donations to help fill these needs.

With St. Nicholas’ name originating from the Greek, Nike, meaning “victory”, it seems more than fitting that Victory Sports has joined “St. Nick’s Holiday Mission”.


THE OSC CHARITABLE FOUNDATION was founded in 2014 by Jon M. and Heather Williams of Buffalo, NY, in the spirit of Mother Teresa’s directive to “find your own Calcutta.”  With the mission to support and promote educational, religious, health related, cultural, and scientific research programs, the foundation has flourished.


As an Official Sponsor, The OSC Charitable Foundation has provided funding to help “St. Nick’s Holiday Mission” impact as many children as possible this December 6.


JAMES D. RIELLY FOUNDATION INC. is a non-profit, volunteer corporation, organized exclusively for supporting charitable, religious and fraternal organizations, as well as education.  Named in honor of the man whom for generations was Rhode Island’s very own Santa Claus, the James D. Rielly Foundation was established to preserve his legacy and provide help to the children and families of military and first-responders hindered by economic status, physical or mental challenges.


James passed on the spirit of St. Nick to his grandson, Michael J. Rielly, who continues the same traditions of giving today.  The Christmas spirit of giving and helping those in need still burns bright with the descendants and friends of the legendary James D. Rielly, a legacy project devoted to his first love – giving to children.


The Salvation Army, U.S.
The Boys and Girls Clubs of America
Baker Victory Services of Western New York
Gateway-Longview of Western New York
Operation Stand Down of Rhode Island
Operation 9 Reindeer of Philadelphia, PA
Police Athletic League of Pottstown, PA
Extra Special People of Watkinsville, GA
You Matter Ministries of Phoenix, AR
Santa’s Elves of Indy